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Heineken research confirms intimidation of African beer promotional girls (5 July 2018)
In Africa, promotional girls working for Heineken are intimidated on a large scale during their work and they have poor working conditions. This is shown in research commissioned by Heineken, carried out by agency Partner Africa, after reports in Dutch Newspaper NRC and the book Beer for Africa, written by journalist Olivier van Beemen. As a result the work of the promotional girls in Mozambique have been halted for the time being. The brewer will come with new rules to prevent excesses. More >>
Members bill to relax Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act (6 June 2018)
Today liberal MP Erik Ziengs (VVD) submitted a members bill to relax the rules for selling and serving alcohol laid down in the Alcohol Licensing and Catering Act. Various political parties are enthusiastic about his proposal. More >>
No Heineken beer in the townhall Weststellingwerf? (4 June 2018)
After council meetings, Heineken beer is served in the town hall in Wolvega. That should change quickly, according to the political party GroenLinks (GreenLeft) in Weststellingwerf (province of Friesland in the Netherlands). More >>
Amsterdam gets tough on drunken tourists (31 May 2018)
Today the 'Enjoy & Respect' campaign against antisocial tourist behavior has been launched. The campaign focuses on a very explicit group: male (British) visitors between the ages of 18 and 34, who come to Amsterdam for pub crawls and bachelor parties. More >>
Heineken removed from a sustainable equity fund (23 May 2018)
Dutch ASN Bank has decided to remove Heineken from its sustainable equity fund. The reason for this is the controversy about the use of promotional girls to sell beer, according to a spokesperson for the bank. More >>
Dutch sports clubs sell alcohol to underage kids (1 May 2018)
Underage teenagers can order beer from most sports clubs in the Netherlands without any problems. A clear majority of sports club canteens do not check IDs before serving alcohol to young people, according to a study commissioned by the government, NOS reports. More >>

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