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The beer bike can be banned from central Amsterdam, judges say (1 November 2017)
City officials can ban the beer bike from central Amsterdam after all, judges ruled on Tuesday. The ruling clears the way for the introduction of a ban on November 1, the Parool reported. More >>
State Secretary Blokhuis responsible for alcohol policy (26 October 2017)
Today the new Dutch government has been sworn in. Mark Rutteā€™s new cabinet is the first Dutch government in 40 years to draw its members from four different parties: People's Party Freedom & Democracy, Christian Democratic Appeal, Democrats 66 and Christian Union. The inclusion of four parties in the coalition has forced Rutte to abandon his small-government principles and appoint a larger team than before. More >>
STAP: Limit festival goers to two alcoholic drinks a time to stop under-18s drinking (3 August 2017)
Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP advices local authorities to tighten their alcohol policy at out-door events. One suggestions is to limit party-goers to festivals to two drinks a time at the bar. More >>
Advertising Code Commission rejects complaint STAP about nude in beer commercial (7 June 2017)
The Advertising Code Commission has rejected a complaint of the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP about nude in the commercial 'Delayed Enjoyment' of the beer brand Brand (owned by Heineken). This while showing naked women in alcohol advertising is prohibited according to the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages (The Code), the aspect of which the complaint is primarily based. More >>
Statistics Netherlands: Over 60% of adults drunk in 2016 more than the Health Council advises (23 May 2017)
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has published new data on the percentage of adult Dutch (18 and over) that drunk in 2016 above the official Health Council guideline for alcoholic drinks. That guideline is since November 2015: "Don't drink alcohol or drink no more than one glass daily". The new data show that 60.6% of the population aged 18 years drunk in 2016 above the guideline. More >>
More young Dutch with fake IDs end up at HALT (24 April 2017)
More and more young Dutch end up at the youth crime intervention office HALT for using a fake identity card. Last year a total of 428 young Dutch were sent to HALT for using a fake ID, compared to 350 in 2015. In the first four months of this year, HALT already gave alternative sanctions to 147 teenagers for using a fake ID. More >>